Marine Lines

Marine Cargo Insurance

It is designed to insure Merchandise from the time it leaves the seller's premises until it reaches the buyer. It encompasses all modes of conveyances, be it by land, sea or air.

Classification of Marine Insurance

1. By Subject Matter

a. Cargo - ordering of goods from foreign country
b. Hull & Machinery - insurance of ships
c. Freight
d. Liability

2. By Area

a. Ocean Marine
b. Inter-Island
c. Inland Marine
- by truck
- by train
d. Air

Marine Cover Notes

It provides a temporary coverage on the shipment. Cover notes are replaced by policy when the shipping details are available.

Marine Risks Notes

Considered as a marine Insurance contract despite deficiency in material particulars. However, the insured is required to have a Marine Open Policy with the Company

Marine Insurane Policy

It is the evidence of the marine insurance contract

Three Types of Marine Insurance Policy

1. Valued Policy

It states the value of the goods to be insured under the policy on a case to case basis.

2. Open Policy

Is a contract effected for a period of time, usually twelve months.

3. Cost Insurance & Freight (CIF)

The seller provides the goods, insurance and transport as a package and arranges insurance for the whole transit on a "warehouse to warehouse" basis.